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Brother's Bond - Prolouge
Brother's Bond - Introduction
by ilbv
In a decent sized house that was nestled beside a smooth flowing stream and the pleasant woods, there lived 7 brothers. These boys were fawns. They were human from the waist up; the rest was a goat body.
These boys lived together so that they could raise enough money to begin lives of their own. The oldest was Seth; he was 25 and practically a father figure for his younger brothers. He was a carpenter, and he had built the home they lived in. Seth was dating a pretty fawn named Penelope, but she's not really in this story. Ron was the second oldest. At 18, he was a huge flirt with the female fawns. He was hoping to get a girlfriend soon, and to impress, he worked out regularly along side Seth, so both of them were very strong. Dean was the third oldest and he had just turned 16, he was hoping to get his license in sword fighting soon. When he wasn't delivering packages for the postal service, he spent his free time studying sword play. Trevor was t
:iconilbv:ilbv 24 3
Brother's Bond Chapter 1
Chapter 1
One day, Ron was walking back from the village carrying a sack of potatoes for the night's dinner. Unbeknownst to him, two piercing yellow eyes spied his every move. A wolf, crouched behind the bushes, not 15 feet away, and he placed a paw on his stomach. The Wolf licked his lips and dreamed of the taste he would soon indulge upon. "Ah, a fawn, what a lovely meal, I'll just gobble him up right here." the Wolf said to himself. Ron turned, he had heard a noise. The Wolf stayed motionless as Ron scanned his surroundings. Deciding there was nothing amiss, he resumed walking. The Wolf narrowed his eyes and was just about to pounce when a man on a horse and three female fawns came around the bend and caught up with Ron. Two of the girls were fond of Ron, the other was fond of Dean and she poured out her desires for him to talk to Dean about asking her out. The man on the horse was Ron's best friend and they clapped hands. The wolf growled as he noticed the man on the horse had with
:iconilbv:ilbv 7 3
Brother's Bond Chapter 2
Chapter 2
The Wolf stood up and glanced around the room. He spied Seth and Ron and turned to face them without the slightest look of fear. "How sweet, two fawns ready to fight me." He said with a smirk. Seth took a nervous step forward. "Get the hell out of here and no one will bother you again." He said. The Wolf stepped right up to Seth and shoved his nose into his. "Or what? You gunna punch me?" Seth stared up into the Wolf's eyes like a rabbit stares into headlights, he felt himself shrinking away. The wolf was only a few feet taller than Seth, but he seemed even taller now. Ron stood in place, his fists held up, but he was frozen with fear. "I'm waiting little fawn. Hit me." The Wolf taunted. Seth squirmed for a brief second, and then with a desperate war cry, he threw a fist toward the wolf's gut. The wolf was expecting such a pathetic move and grabbed Seth's fist in mid-air. Ron gasped, but he was still stuck to his spot. Seth cowered before the Wolf who just sighed and said, "Y
:iconilbv:ilbv 7 0
Brother's Bond Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Eric was still throwing punches, none of which were doing anything but make him look silly. "You don't scare me Wolf, I've killed bigger things that you." The Wolf chuckled, "Now I doubt that, I am the biggest thing in the forest." Then he once again opened his mouth and dropped Eric in. Ron watched with horror as his baby brother went into the mouth of the Wolf. As soon as Eric hit the wet tongue, the wolf closed his mouth around him. Eric was so small that it didn't seem like he was in the Wolf's mouth. Eric banged his fists against the tongue and teeth but it did nothing. Ron could hear him yelling and so could Seth. The Wolf tilted his head back and gulped slowly and noisily. Eric had slipped in a collected pool of saliva and sloshed down the wolf's throat. A small bulge appeared and Ron saw it travel down the Wolf's neck and disappear within his chest. Then his already swollen belly grew larger as it made room for it's new occupant. It bounced and gurgled and the Wolf le
:iconilbv:ilbv 10 0
Brother's Bond Chapter 4
Chapter 4
When everyone scattered, Trevor found that he was being followed by the twins. Milo and Crete stuck together all the time and this was not exception, they had not meant to follow Trevor it was just the way things turned out in the chaos. "Get lost! Find your own room to hide in!" Yelled Trevor. The Twins rushed past him, "Too late now." Huffed Milo, "We need to hide too ya know." Said Crete. Trevor rolled his eyes, "Go hide in the sink cupboards." He said.
Now watching from the cupboards, the twins saw the Wolf enter the room. They stifled screams and watched breathlessly. "Look at his belly!" exclaimed Milo. "It looks like he's eaten someone!" "Or he's just fat." Suggested Crete. Milo elbowed him, "Shut up, he might hear us. The boys watched as the Wolf rubbed his swollen belly and patted it twice, then he perked his ears up and stalked the snack cupboard. He whipped the door open and exclaimed with evil delight as he pulled out a large plate with a cake on it, hiding in the
:iconilbv:ilbv 5 0
Brother's Bond Chapter 5
Chapter 5
Ron had hung his head when the Wolf had left the room, but when he jerked his head up when he returned. Ron was surprised to see the Wolf carrying the cake and wondered if he was going to eat that too. The Wolf set the cake on the table and turned it to Ron so that the part that Trevor was looking out of faced Ron. The cake seemed very out of place with the whole situation to Ron, but at the same instant, his eyes and Trevor's met. They both widened them and their hearts went into their throats. Neither brother made a noise because neither knew if the Wolf knew where Trevor was. "Trevor's in the cake! Why is he in the cake? Is he stupid?" Ron's mind raced. Trevor couldn't believe that Ron was tied up. "How did this happen? Where is Seth? Who did the wolf eat? Does he know I'm in here?" Trevor thought. He dared not make a noise.
The Wolf clapped his paws together, "you see, after gobbling up your oldest and youngest brothers, I need a little satisfaction in other foods, this c
:iconilbv:ilbv 6 0
Brother's Bond Chapter 6
Ron sat bolt upright as he heard the twins scream. His heart sank and he felt terrible being tied up and not being able to go and rescue them.
Seth, Trevor and Eric all looked up toward the closed exit of the esophagus. They could hear the screams very well from where they were. "He found the twins!" cried Trevor. Seth put a hand on his brother's back. "Don't worry too much, the Wolf will swallow them whole and then we can comfort them." Eric laughed with obvious sarcasm, "Because it's SO much better to be in here!"
The Wolf glanced from Milo to Crete his eyes narrowed in evil pleasure. "You two, are going to be delicious", he said.
Milo and Crete had stopped struggling and screaming, they just hung in the Wolf's grasp and bowed their heads in shame. The Wolf licked them both as if testing flavor. "Which one of you should I eat first?" he asked. Milo and Crete remained silent. The Wolf licked Crete again, "Aww what's the matter? Don't want to go inside me? Well it's a wonderful place,
:iconilbv:ilbv 4 0
Brother's Bond Chapter 7
Inside the belly, the others were being drenched with the unwanted shower. "What the heck is going on up there?" Seth asked. The belly lurched and jerked around at each attempted swallow. It then occurred to Eric that the saliva that kept coming was not leaving. "Seth! The gooey water isn't going away, its filling up!" Trevor glanced around and realized that this was the case. He bleated in panic, "We'll drown! Here inside this Wolf's belly! Oh! I had so much to live for!"
Seth patted Trevor again, "clam down, we just need to find the entrance to the intestines and we can drain it out". The boys looked around furiously; the saliva was up to Seth's waist now, which was the equivalent of Eric's chest. "I can't find anything!" Trevor cried. "Everything is sticky and slimy!" cried Eric. "Feel around the bottom, that is where it should be." Seth called, he was getting nervous. If he freaked out, there would be no hope in keeping the others calm and then they all would die." Eric splashed ov
:iconilbv:ilbv 5 0
Brother's Bond Chapter 8
Seth pulled hard on Eric's arm, but it only got a cry of pain out of him. "Don't worry, Eric. I'll have you out in a moment". Seth said through clenched teeth. Eric began to cry, "Just hurry, its pulling me in". He sobbed.
When Milo crashed on top of Trevor, Seth was taken by surprise and loosened his grip slightly and turned to look. Then a second later, when Crete fell on top of him, Seth lost his grip completely and let go of Eric's arms. Eric shrieked with fright as he was sucked farther into the intestines. Seth regained himself and looked with horror at Eric; he lunged for his flailing arms, and grabbed a finger. "Eric!" he cried. Eric screamed with childlike terror and his finger was ripped out of Seth's grasp and Eric was sucked into the intestines. Seth saw Eric get pulled in farther and disappear into the squishy tubes. Seth thrust his arm in all the way up to the shoulder and reached around, he felt nothing but squishy lining. The suction was tremendous, but Seth was able to
:iconilbv:ilbv 7 0
Brother's Bond Chapter 9
Dean was crouching behind the couch in the living room, directly to the left of where Ron was tied up. Dean had witnessed everything. When the wolf had left the room for the first time, he threw up. "Shit! That Wolf just swallowed Seth and Eric whole!" he had thought. When the Wolf consumed the other's Dean was shaking like a leaf in the wind. Now the Wolf was looking for him!
"Little fawn, come out where ever you are, I will find you eventually, so don't bother wasting my time." The Wolf said. He stalked out of the room and headed down the hall toward the bedrooms. After making sure the Wolf was gone, Dean jumped up from his hiding place and made Ron jump. Ron stared at him with shock and mouthed, "Get out of here! Run to the village and get help!" Dean sprinted toward Ron and began to untie him. Very quietly he whispered, "Come with me, he'll eat you if he can't find me." Ron hung his head, then looked back at Dean. "If I'm gone, the Wolf will digest our brothers." Dean smacked Ron o
:iconilbv:ilbv 6 0
Brother's Bond Chapter 10
When the Wolf felt Dean stop struggling, he slowed the swallowing process. He wanted to make it last as long as possible, both to tease his prey, but also to savor the taste. The Wolf placed one paw on his throat to feel Dean as he went through. The other paw pushed the knife under the couch nonchalantly. In ten minutes, the Wolf swallowed the rest of Dean, who made a nice bulge in the Wolf's gullet. It travelled slowly, but soon slipped into the Wolf's large stomach. The Wolf burped and peacefully rubbed all over his swelled gut. "Ahhhh, that was good. He was good", the Wolf said. He stretched and relaxed on the floor for a few minutes and then slowly sat up. "I have only one left, and that would be you, morsel!" The Wolf turned to look at Ron, but Ron was not there. The Wolf clambered to his feet. "What!? Where are you? HOW DARE YOU!" the Wolf bellowed.
The roar of anger quavered his belly. Inside, the five brothers who occupied it (even though it should have been six) were just talk
:iconilbv:ilbv 6 3
Brother's Bond Chapter 11
The Wolf went over to window and peered out, sniffing long and hard at the delectable smell of fawn. He saw Claire round the bend and make her way toward the front door. He licked his lips.
"Ah, a female, she will do nicely inside of me, and perhaps lure back the runaway fool."
Inside the Wolf's stomach, the brothers waited, and waited, but nothing happened. "Why is he not digesting us?" moaned Trevor, who just wanted the pain to be over and done with.
Milo grunted, "He's teasing us. When we think it won't happen…BAM! In comes our liquid death." Seth felt more anger reel inside him and he pounded on the stomach walls. All it received was a pat and stroke from the outside and a malevolent laugh.
Claire had been hoping to ask Ron if he wanted to attend a bonfire with her and several friends to celebrate a birthday, but she never got a chance.
As she was getting closer to the front door, she stopped and stared in horror. "Oh my gosh, the window has been smashed in, I hope no one is h
:iconilbv:ilbv 6 4
Brother's Bond Chapter 12
Being a female fawn, Claire's lung capacity was larger and stronger than the average male human's. Her scream travelled far and managed to ring into Ron's ears.
Ron wheeled around, for he instantly recognized Claire's unique sound, and this was one of utter terror. "Claire!" his mind screamed. Ron looked over his shoulder, the village…and help, was only a short distance away. Ron craned his ears, there was no more screaming. Ron thought of the Wolf and what he might do to her if she had been captured. Ron looked back one more time, the bolted in the other direction, toward his house.
"Even if I did bring help, it would be too late. I can at least try to save Claire."
When Ron rounded the bend in the road that led up to his house, he stopped short and took in the scene before him.
His best friend's horse was tied to the fence by the kitchen door. Ron's friend, Barron, was lying unconscious in the compost pile beside the front garden. The Wolf, was sitting on the roof, his belly bil
:iconilbv:ilbv 6 0
Brother's Bond Chapter 13
The Wolf thought about it. "Alright, I will not harm them. But you must lay down the sword and back away."
Ron placed the sword on the ground and stepped back. The Wolf jumped up in the air, off the roof and landed hard on the ground. His belly jiggled and the occupants inside were thrown about. The Wolf picked up the sword, examined it and smiled at Ron. "I'm so happy you have come to realize your fate." With that, the Wolf stabbed the sword in the earth and stepped toward Ron.
"Do not worry, you will be safe inside." The Wolf said soothingly. He was right up to Ron now, and his belly jutted out and touched Ron on the forehead. It gurgled and bounced as the occupants moved around. "Go ahead, feel it, you will be part of it soon enough." Ron lifted his head, and with shaking hands, placed them on the mass of belly that stuck out from the Wolf's abdomen. His brothers were inside, he would soon join them. He wanted to feel his new home, from the outside, before being sealed in it forever
:iconilbv:ilbv 5 0
Brother's Bond Chapter 14
When Ron was met by a welcoming party in the innards of the Wolf that had devoured his family, he was a little shaken up. He was happy to see his brothers again and was happy that everyone was safe. Except for Eric.
Once all the hype about what had happened died down, Seth got serious.
"I love you all, and I hope we will get out of here, but if we don't. I want you all to know, that I have had a great time raising you."
The others added there own speeches and the brothers hugged. Trevor teared up and bleated,
"It's not the same without Eric. We…we have to try and find him."
There was a small debate on the matter. Eric could have been digested and sucked away, or he could have been drowned in digestive fluids. All that was known was that Eric was still down there, and dead or alive, the brothers all wanted to be together as a family in their final moments.
Ron had devised a plan: With the collective strength of himself, Seth, and the others (except Dean, who had no strength in his
:iconilbv:ilbv 7 0


Fatty dreams: One letter off from Wolf
Had this crazy dream near my dad's birthday. Since he is a Trekkie,I can only assume that is why I had it. But that aside, who couldn't imagine Q doing this? I also think this dream may have had a sequel to it, not sure, but as you can see, now Worf is even more ferocious. Darn that Q, creating such discord aboard the Enterprise.
And yes, I did show him this and he agreed that this was one crazy dream.
The baddest wolf there is
Had a poll on Twitter and asked if they made a little red Riding Hood movie (with Vore and big bellyness) who would play the best big bad wolf between Ron Perlman or Liev Schreiber. Needless to say, Ron Perlman won by a landslide, but it was still interesting to see. Man I wish he would play a wolf or something already. Needless to say, I will use this design again for a later project. And know, that it will contain Vore and big bellyness.
  • Listening to: Persona 5 music
  • Reading: Gil's All fright Diner
  • Watching: Samurai Jack
  • Playing: Persona 5
  • Eating: Pizza rice
  • Drinking: Lemonade
I know the year is not over yet, but I've already decided. It will meet it's fate by the celestial bodies like 2016. The losses we suffered are unforgivable and unfortunate, and I'm not just talking about the celebrity deaths. This year has made my mother cry more than what I want to count, and for that, it needs to be punished. So, I'm going to start the voting a bit early this year, and once December rolls around, it will be finished in time to end 2017.
1.metal whoop dog Oblivion
3. Hard yellow pink
4. Honey sweet wind
5. Quasar semi Ultra
6. Eon Tomorrow
7. Nowco Null
8. Sick Sick Green
9. Yum Ultimate Supreme
10. Royal Shine Fortress
11. Mass Ocean Blue
12. Jackpot Absolute

I'll upload the 12 pretty soon, but rest assured, the winner won't hold back on 2017.


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